Welcome to the triplet recognition study created by City University London. This experiment will measure your ability to understand speech in background noise, and how this may depend on the delay between seeing a speaker's lip-movements and hearing their voice.

The experiment is meant to be run using headphones. Please ensure that headphones are plugged in and set to a comfortable volume, and that you are viewing the screen from a normal working distance, under good lighting conditions. There are 162 movies to watch and 25 calibration trials to answer in this experiment. The whole procedure should take about 20 minutes. The calibration must be finished it within 60 minutes or will be repeated otherwise. You can pause your session whenever you like and resume it later by logging in again, but when you resume please try to ensure that background noise and lighting conditions are similar to before.

At the end of the session you will be able to view a graph of your performance, compared to others.

Please have a look at the Participant Information Sheet for further information.

You may now start the experiment by clicking the button below.

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